Backup Services

Backup Services

Data is the most important asset of your business, bar none. Having your data simply stored on your workstation, laptop, or hard drive isn’t enough.

Maryland IT Solutions practices by the phrase “if your data isn’t in 3 locations, it doesn’t really exist”.

Those three locations can be different deployments, but we always recommend that your data should be at the very least on your workstation, backed up to one location, and then backed up to a 2nd location. We provide a unique solution that backs up your data on site, and then off site in diverse paths.

Backups can be very large and time consuming, and more importantly impactful on your internet connection. Since many internet connections are limited on the upload, we’ll make sure we schedule the backups to happen after hours when it won’t hurt productivity. We also provide reports of when backups complete and how frequently they do.

Restoring backups is even more important than backing up your data. We offer both file level restores for those that accidentally delete that important document that’s been worked on for months, and bare metal restores for disaster recovery cases such as equipment damage, theft, and ransomware.

We’ve all seen events on the news where a network was compromised, and all data was lost, and equipment needed to be replaced. With Maryland IT Solutions backup and recovery, entire workstations can be restored with a few clicks of the mouse.