Managed IT for Small Business & Why It’s Important

If you have a small business, you already have your hands full without worrying about IT details like servers, permissions, licenses, and backups. How can you stay competitive and keep your IT system running smoothly while staying within your company’s budget?

What Managed IT Means

First, it is important to clarify what is meant by the term “managed IT.” In most cases, it is a service that will …

  • Design and implement a network suitable to your needs, compliance requirements, and budget
  • Oversee the functioning of the network and keep it running smoothly
  • Provide a help desk for when issues do arise
  • Install and monitor the latest cybersecurity tools to keep your network and data safe
  • Backup the data and system so that functionality can be restored quickly
  • Act as a virtual CIO

Now that we have established what managed IT represents, there are several reasons why it is a wise investment for a small business.

Reliable System Security

A managed IT service means that trained professionals will be constantly monitoring your IT system and protecting it from the latest form that cyber attacks may be taking. They will not only be securing it from obvious outside threats but from the more insidious attacks, such as phishing, drive-by downloads, and malware — all with state-of-the-art tools. And keep in mind that small businesses are as much a target for hackers are large corporations are. The aftermath of a breach is far more expensive than hiring a managed IT service to handle your system security.

Skilled Professionals

The realm of information technology is one that is continuously evolving and it, when it is handled right, requires in-depth knowledge of several different fields (e.g., cybersecurity, operating systems, network technology, data compliance). It takes a professional to design, install, and maintain a smoothly working, reliable, scalable system that not only works for you today but can grow with your business tomorrow, and that type of professional knowledge and skill is what you will have working for you when you invest in managed IT.

Peace of Mind

As a small business owner, you have a myriad of things to worry about, but your IT system should not be one of them. If you obtain the services of an IT management firm, then you no longer have to worry about critical IT actions such as backups, securing sensitive data, applying the latest operating system and software updates, or restoring the system after a power outage or natural disaster. If one of your employees has trouble logging in or accessing software, there is a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week helpdesk to provide them the necessary support.

Space Constraints

Having your own dedicated, on-site IT team means that you will have to set aside sufficient office space for those teams and the equipment they need. In most cases, small businesses and startups have space at a premium. However, a managed IT service can provide the IT support and oversight that is needed without requiring the additional office space and the cost associated with it.

Your Own Efficiency

There is only so much that you can do in a single workday, and what your customers and clients need takes priority over everything else. Your time will be used much more efficiently when you invest in a managed service to handle the myriad of time-consuming details that go into running an effective, robust IT infrastructure.


As a small business owner, there are quite a few reasons why a managed IT service is your best choice for handling your company’s IT system besides those discussed here. However, reliable system security, skilled professionals, peace of mind, space constraints, and your own efficiency do seem to rise to the top.

Maryland IT Solutions

If you have a small business and are ready for some professional assistance with managing your IT system, then Maryland IT Solutions would like to partner with you. As part of our managed IT services, we will provide you with robust backup services, powerful anti-virus and web protection, a  reliable help desk, state-of-the-art scalable network design, and what essentially amounts to a virtual CIO. Contact us today to see how we can help you!