Managed WiFi

What is managed WiFi and why is it necessary?

Managed WiFi, or managed wireless ensures that your network is working at its best 100% of the time. In a time where everyone needs access, needs it now, and won’t settle for delays, dropouts, and sluggish internet, managed wireless excels. Managed wireless allows for Maryland IT Solutions to have access to not only the physical hardware, but more importantly the software and configurations necessary to provide seamless access throughout an environment.

Managed WiFi for Security

Let’s face it, all networks need to be secure – both consumer and commercial. The last thing that a business needs is for a guest or customer to join the network with an infected device spreading its virus to all of the important hardware causing costly downtime. With managed wireless the devices are segregated on many levels, starting simply with the SSID (wireless network) the devices connect to. Maryland IT Solutions deploys enterprise grade equipment capable of keeping the BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) of clients from the important ones completely through the network.

Managed WiFi for Marketing

When you have a business that brings in foot traffic that connects to the guest WiFi network, why not generate those into leads? Maryland IT Solutions offers captive portal along with integrated marketing to have a client database built based on name, phone number, e-mail address, etc. We can also direct wireless clients to a certain web site upon connecting to the network to spark clicks on your website.

Managed WiFi for Scale

At the core, managed WiFi is built to scale to massive deployments. Maryland IT Solutions has experience in deploying wireless for campus environments, festivals, and business parks. With advanced roaming functionality, as you and your device move around, our managed wireless solution will have your device connect to the best access point for performance. This is perfect in larger buildings, stadiums, and any campus environment.

Managed WiFi Cost

Instead of having costly site visits to reconfigure wireless networks and settings, managed wireless offers a streamlined solution for both Maryland IT Solutions and their clients. All of the settings can be accessed and changed remotely. All devices are kept up to date with the most recent software releases, patches, and vulnerability updates at a fixed monthly cost to avoid the surprise IT bill when something needs attention.