Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote monitoring and management is the base service in a robust managed service package from Maryland IT Solutions. With a thin, incognito client, installed on each workstation Maryland IT Solutions takes the guessing game out of making sure your computers are up to date.


With daily, weekly, and monthly scans, Maryland IT Solutions checks all of your software for the pertinent updates and installs them silently in the background without disrupting the working environment. If an update needs to be installed with a reboot of the computer, we’ll schedule that to occur after hours. This even includes those pesky Windows updates that take forever to download and install – they can all be done after hours.

Remote Support

With the software Maryland IT Solutions deploys we’re able to remotely login and solve problems without a costly site visit. This is very helpful if you just need to have a quick demonstration of some software over the phone, a program needs to be reconfigured, or even simply just to run a command in the background.

Managed Anti-Virus

Why spend large amounts of up-front money on off-the-shelf anti-virus software that needs to be manually updated and configured. Maryland IT Solutions Managed Anti-virus updates definitions and scans your computer daily in the background without any action from the user at all. Definitions are always up to date which keeps everyone’s mind at ease that the workstations are protected.


What good is managing all of the workstations with updates, anti-virus, patches etc. if you don’t have proof things are being done? Maryland IT Solutions sends weekly and monthly reports to show the status of all of the above for better or worse. If something fails to install, or a virus is detected, our automatic and unmolested reports will show exactly what happened that month. Additionally, our team Is notified to make sure this issue is resolved immediately.