6 Common Misconceptions About Web Security

There are many myths and misconceptions with regard to web security, and they believing this myths can result in a serious threat to your own company’s network. Here’s a list of 6 of the most common misconceptions with regard to web security and cyberattacks.

My Company Would Never be a Target

You might be shocked to find out that no matter how small or little known a company may be, it can be a inviting target for hackers. A 2019 report from Verizon revealed that 58% of cyberattack victims were business with less than 250 employees. Hackers target small businesses because their security is usually easier to defeat. In fact, the notorious Target cyberattack from 2014 started with hackers accessing login credentials through a small HVAC company, which means that your company could become the launching point for a much bigger attack. Here at Maryland IT Solutions we help assess risk, but know that anyone can be a target.

My Website Has Never Been Attacked Before

You may think your website has never been attacked before, but that is because your firewall and antivirus software is doing its job. If you were to check the logs for your cybersecurity system you would likely be horrified at how many attacks it has deflected. And there are also attacks veiled in legitimate sounding emails (known as phishing) which many security software packages are able to filter out before they reach you. In addition, it takes an average of 196 days for a breach to be discovered, so you may already be a victim.

Everything is on the Cloud for My Company — We Are Fine

The cloud provides a host of benefits but it is not a solution for web security. The cloud actually increases your attack surface area, or how many different ways that your company can be attacked. The primary weakness of cloud computing lies in the configuration settings, which can expose your cloud system to attack if misconfigured. Many times an extra layer of security is needed to protect your cloud network from attack.

There Are Other Areas of My Company That Are More Important to Invest In

Web security may not be where you want to invest your company’s finances, but the financial aftermath of a security breach combined with how it can affect your company’s reputation can destroy it. You will lose the trust of your customers if their personal information is stolen, and things will get even worse if they become the victims of identity theft. There can be expensive lawsuits and hefty compliance that result, too.  Investing in web security is an investment in your reputation and the relationship you have with your customers. How much is that worth to you?

I Have Antivirus Software and a Firewall

Antivirus software and firewalls are an excellent first line of defense against hackers and other cyber threats, but they cannot protect from all the forms that cyber attacks can take. 

All it takes is missing one antivirus software update and your entire network could become vulnerable. Or perhaps one wrong setting in your firewall software opens up an avenue of attack you never thought of — but a hacker did. Even things such as using outdated WiFi routers can make your system a legitimate target for hackers. Web security is more than just installing an antivirus program and setting up a firewall.


Make sure that you are basing decisions about web security on facts and not on myths. Even small businesses are the target of hackers, and you would probably be shocked to know how many times your network is attacked in one week. And while you may think that having everything on the cloud protects you, that is not it’s purpose — there are some additional measures you need to take to ensure that your cloud-based system remains safe. And while web security may not seem like an investment with a high ROI, it is still critical to the survival of your company. Finally, keep in mind that having antivirus software and a firewall is not enough for robust web security.

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