Network Design

Network design is involved more than ever now with the frequent deployments within the cloud. With that being said, your network doesn’t start in the cloud. Maryland IT Solutions has deployed many networks from small one-man shops to large campus environments with massive data requirements.

With technology evolving rapidly, it’s possible that your network still has legacy devices inserted that are handicapping your internet speed and productivity. Why pay for that brand-new fiber internet connection if your hardware doesn’t support it? We specialize in network design to support network speeds of any type.

Networks aren’t all physical of course. When it’s tough to get cabling to a certain area, wireless may be the only option. Maryland IT Solutions will design, install, and support a wireless network that feels like it’s a wired network. With experience in legacy wireless protocols to mmWave wireless bridges, we can deliver the wireless speed and reliability that is necessary to run your business.

What happens when you have multiple branches to your business? Wouldn’t it be great to have them connected and have someone halfway across the world work as if they were sitting right next to you? With Maryland IT Solutions experience with diverse cloud platforms, we can network all of your locations together for the purpose of productivity, sharing a server, or even redundant servers and software.